Riv. Mat. Univ. Parma, Vol. 9, No. 2, 2018

Stefano Pasquero [a]

Framing the bases of Impulsive Mechanics of constrained systems into a jet-bundle geometric context

Pages: 227-254
Received: 11 July 2018
Accepted in revised form: 16 November 2018
Mathematics Subject Classification (2010): 70F35, 70-02, 70G45.
Keywords: Fibred space-time, impulsive constraint, constitutive characterization.
Author address:
[a]: University of Parma, Department of Mathematical Physical and Computer Sciences, Parco Area delle Scienze 53/a (Campus), 43124 Parma, Italy

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Abstract: We illustrate how the different kinds of constraints acting on an impulsive mechanical system can be described in the geometric setup given by the configuration space-time bundle \(\pi_t:\mathcal M \to \mathbb{E}\) and its first jet extension \(\pi: J_1(\mathcal M) \to \mathcal M\) in a way that ensures total compliance with coordinate and frame invariance requirements of Classical Mechanics. We specify the differences between geometric and constitutive characterizations of a constraint. We point out the relevance of the role played by the concept of frame of reference, underlining when the frame independence is mandatorily required and when a choice of a frame is an inescapable need. The thorough rationalization allows the introduction of unusual but meaningful kinds of constraints, such as unilateral kinetic constraints or breakable constraints, and of new theoretical aspects, such as the possible dependence of the impulsive reaction by the active forces acting on the system.

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